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Q&A with Samson Evance Otieno, J-Life Africa

How has Concentric/GYI equipped you to make disciples?

Knowing and establishing the commitment level of people and journeying with them and being able to move them to the next level, is the greatest equipping tool gathered, Jlife Africa training modules that are practical bordering on process training and focusing on life transformation (life on life and going deep) has helped us gain traction in disciplemaking in my country.

How has studying the life of Christ changed how you do life and ministry?

Mainly it has helped me in living His priority I have been more fruitful in winning people to Christ through developing relationships with them by inviting them to watch my life, it has also helped me in modeling His priority a key element in how I disciple.

Who was it that invested in you and your faith? Who are you investing into?

Rev John Mbithi invested in me and my faith am currently investing in Evans Asena 

Samson Evance Otieno
Kenya | J Life Africa