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Training, coaching and mentoring emerging leaders in the Life of Christ.

Leaders must multiply leaders.

Focusing on leadership development is the key to creating movements that spread Jesus’ disciplemaking strategy to the nations. And high capacity leaders do in fact reproduce leaders that reproduce leaders thus creating growth movements that spread Jesus disciplemaking model and Gospel. 

Through Concentric’s alliance partners, we provide training in Christ’s strategy, ongoing coaching for implementation of Biblical principles, and mentoring in leadership development. This fosters the creation of multiplication movements that raise up other leaders to spread the Gospel to more people groups and provide ministry leaders with the necessary tools to create sustainable and healthy ministry models in their home context.

Our Approach
Our three-fold approach

Leadership Multiplication Strategy

1. Training

We provide practical training in how Jesus created movements that multiply disciples in His character and priorities for life and ministry.

2. Coaching

We coach and train emerging leaders in the implementation of Christ’s priorities into their local ministry context.

3. Mentoring

We identify proven multipliers that have an ability to reproduce leaders and we mentor them in leadership replication to impact beyond their local ministries.

our core values

Together, we are characterized by:

Christ’s Strategy

We are committed to model our ministries on the strategy of Jesus...creatively adapting its application to our local culture and context.

Church-Based Ministry

We focus on the development of healthy local church ministries committed to reaching emerging generations in their community.

Prayerful Dependence

We are committed to minister out of our dependence on the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit.

Indigenous Leadership

We are committed to developing effective self-sustaining models of ministry that are readily reproducible in typical churches of a given culture.

Incarnational Multipliers

We are committed to being, as well as building, disciples who make disciples, modeling Christ-like character and priorities.

Next-Generation Investment

We believe that the development of proven young leaders among the emerging generation is one of the most strategic ways, long term, of seeing churches strengthened and movements multiplied.

Generous Collaboration

We are better together. We are committed to relationship, and sharing of resources and best practices for a greater kingdom outcome.

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