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India (Detailed Map)

The 5 Phases Explained


Prayer is being focused
Research is being conducted
A door opening partner (person of peace) has been found
A team is being assembled or identified


A leader or team is in place and learning needs, language, and culture
Initial funding is in place
A broad base of relationships are being established
A model ministry is producing fruit

Ministry Training

Multiple models are on the increase
A team of potential movement leaders is coming together and DNA transfer is taking place
A sustainable funding plan is being developed
Transferable training is beginning to occur
Multiple model ministries are working together for Kingdom expansion


Model ministries are increasing regionally and demographically
Training is well established
Multiple movement leaders are identified and working together as a team
Organizational systems are being expanded
Indigenous leaders are heading up ministries
Multiple delivery systems are being developed
Funding plan is growing…and number of donors is growing
Expansion to new regions in a country


Models are multiplying exponentially
Funding plan is sustainable and country/region is giving to other parts of the movement
Multiple teams are established and deployed
Pioneering is occurring to new countries